Frequently Asked Questions

1] Within how much time can I receive the stipulated guaranteed responses?
The first set of proposals matching the persons details are dispatched within ten days of obtaining membership. The process of cross-profiling and matching is an on-going activity. Therefore, as and when the details of any two registered members fulfill the requirements of each other, the details are sent correspondingly.

2] Can we specify the values like honesty, sincerity, devotion, helping, caring etc. as a match making criteria in the person we are looking for?
The values mentioned are subjective. The perception, of each individual towards these values differs. It depends upon his/her mental make up, educational, family and social upbringing and a number of other factors. Keeping all these factors in mind our membership forms have a large number of options so that each registered member can make an appropriate selection.

3]Why do you provide a member a number of options, why not recommend only a few closely matching propositions?
Marriage is a very important and sensitive issue. The selection of a life partner has to be made very carefully. There are a number of criterions one can base his/her match on. The applicants can mention these in a very well defined and laid out application form. This helps the applicant to outline the details of the kind of person they are looking for. Space is also provided in the form to enter any other criteria not mentioned in the form. The company does not make any recommendations regarding choice of candidates. This being left to the individuals. We do not interfere with decision making of the individuals.

4] What is the validity of the registration charges?
The registration charge for the membership is valid for one year. Extendable up to two years depending on the number of options given. We also require members to confirm after one year that they are still unmarried so that the services are available to them. but why to think of waiting even for one year lets pray that it should be done within minimum time

5] Do you send original photographs along with the responses?

We do not send original photograph of the member only the scanned photo is given to give fair idea of the prospective bride/groom. the original photograph remains in the office and returned back once the match is finalized.

6] Can the proposals / photographs be seen before getting registered?
Proposals and photographs can be seen only after taking the membership. Just seeing the proposals does not ensure a good match for you. This is because matches have to be made keeping the boy's and the girl's details and requirements in mind and it should be mutually conducive and acceptable. Further, photographs are not always the true judge of the person and might lead to disappointment many a times.

7] How do you verify the authenticity of the facts furnished by members?
The company takes maximum care to ensure that the facts provided by members are authentic. To begin with, we make a personal visit to every registered member or their first family anywhere in India. & than the matrimonial application is accepted with a photograph, a copy of the date of birth certificate and a proof of identity. Further, a number of questions are asked in the application form like all the addresses, the details of the parents, brothers, sisters, educational institutions, employer's details, etc. So a number of leads could be developed from these details. Furthermore, the company has a tie up with professional detective agencies. The services of this agency can be used to carry out pre matrimonial investigations in India or abroad.Furthermore, the company reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member without refund of membership charges, if at any stage it comes to know that a person has furnished wrong information.In all cases, however, we insist that since marriage is a sensitive matter, members should verify the authenticity of the facts before going in for any final arrangements.

8] Can we make the payment in parts or after the marriage have been fixed?
As for the question of paying in parts, there is no such provision and the company has fixed guidelines based on its past experiences. Payment also authenticates the intentions of persons and confirms that they are seriously interested in getting married.

9] What are your post marriage charges?
A cup of coffee

10] Do you cater to people of specific religions?
Every religion is special to us. So we cater to all caste and communities.

11] What is the source of your database?
Our data base is mostly the mouth publicity that means one person finalizing through us sends 10 people than is our registered members also the advertisements, internet, website and mainly our net working all over the world,

13] Do have any offices other than in Mumbai?
We have only one Authorised Registered head office and back office in Mumbai, since this is a personalized service with personal touch, many branches are not required.

14] What is personalized service and personal touch?
Personalized service and personal touch means every customer is treated specially they have the direct excess to us. If they have any queries or question based on the proposals shown, we try to solve them immediately

15] Can the process be started with an amount and we increase the amount after we are satisfied with the service?
Every bio data is sent with contact details and since we have had some bitter experiences in the past .so we have stopped taking in parts, but would like to inform that there are number of packages available with us the candidate can choose from the one and upgrade later on as per their convenience

16] What is the guarantee that I will keep getting services and will not be forgotten?
Good question this is the authorized company running since 1978 so there is no reason for us to forget our customer but we would request all our customers r to mail / follow up call/ so they get feed backs and updates and we also know that they have not finalized and also their seriousness to get married.

17] How do you verify the NRIS or foreigners profile?
To keep safe sides we visit their first family who guarantees the candidates profile and also for verification we take their valid proof and social security number when required if not provided the registration remains cancelled

18] Is the money given at the time of membership refundable?
This is one time non refundable charge taken for the efforts we put for the candidate. So there are various expenditure we go through. So we do not refund.

19] Do u place the adverts in leading publications in the Registration charge we pay ?
If the customer takes priveleged packeges then one advert is placed at the cost of Hamsafar otherwise the customer has to pay additional charges as per the rate of the publications.

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