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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading matrimonial services of India HAMSAFAR is a professionally managed matrimonial company, catering to exclusive business families, to top business houses, top class industrialist, highly placed professionals senior govt. officials like IAS, IPS, IRS & MBAS etc. from top business schools. Managed by a dedicated team operating in harmony to deliver the best and get as many people together as possible. Providing personalied services and understanding the exact nature of prospective partner .Confidential nature of conducting all processes.

HAMSAFAR has different ventures, To enroll as a member, your details are obtained in a pre-set format, containing your personal details as well as the criterion on which you would base your requirements of a prospective life partner. This format has to be accompanied by relevant documents and a matrimony photograph. The details obtained are then entered into the information system and carefully cross - profiled against that of the other registered members and only the matched propositions are presented to you, along with all the contact / detail information. Simultaneously, your details are made available to the proposals approved by you to put the prospective partners at a level platform, where both become fully aware of each others details and are in a position to decide the further course of action. The entire process is carried out in full confidence and the details of the members are disclosed only to the people meeting each others match desired criterion, this is the reason that this program of match making is termed as the Confidential processing program.

So, to find perfect partner we have started Hamsafar Matrimonial Services. Hamsafar has adopted a unique Online + Offline mode to locate the most suitable match for you by employing all the boons of the latest computer technology, Print and personal contacts.

To cover the processing, administrative and dispatch costs, a nominal monitory obligation needs to be made as membership fee at the time of registration, amount for which would depend upon the kind of services you want to avail and the involvement of the company that you desire in processing your matrimony case. Apart from our regular services, we also carry out advertisement campaigns for your matrimonial purpose, in a manner mutually decided. Under this program,

Educational qualifications, intelligence, culture, civility, good behavior, mental maturity, taste, talent, hobbies, economic & social status, standard of living, life style, age difference, required posture, color, grace, caste & sub castes & also matching of horoscopes are the important factors for selection. The search continues when the person with all the required qualities refuses the alliance. This is not as easy as it looks. The search becomes difficult because of lack of information about suitable persons, lack of time, economic disadvantages, shortage of means of communication, the difficulties of long distance travel, mental upsets & others will sap the confidence of a person. The only solution for all these problems of searching is Hamsafar Matrimonial Services.

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